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GATS SCS (smart charging station) - EV CHARGING STATIONS MODEL

       1. As per PEVP – 2019 (Punjab Electric Vehicle Policy), Target cities are:

  • Ludhiana
  • Amritsar
  • Bathinda
  • Jalandhar
  • Mohali
  • Patiala

       2.Support for creating MARKET by Punjab Govt.

  • 76% of total vehicle sale is from 2W segment. Govt. focuses on E - 2W segment @ 25%.
  • Govt. focuses E-auto, E-3W, E-4W, Taxis, Passenger Cars, LCV, Stage Carrier, Maxi Cabs.
  • Govt. focuses on Bus fleet (under Dept. of Transport) to E-Buses @ 25% which compresses of High Volume inter-city Buses to city bus fleet.

       3. Infrastructure Desired

       Every Public Charging Station shall have the following min. Infrastructure:

  1. An exclusive transformer with related substation equipment’s including safety appliance.
  2. 33 / 11 KV line / cables with associated equipment including as needed for line termination / metering etc.
  3. Appropriate civil works.
  4. Adequate space for Charging and entry / exit of vehicles
  5. Current international standards that are prevalent and used by most vehicle manufacturers internationally are CCS and CHadeMO. Hence, Public Charging Stations shall have one or more electric kiosk / boards with installation of all the charger models as follows:

Charger Type Charger Connectors Rated Output Voltage # of Connector Guns Charging Vehical Type
FAST Combined charging system (CCS) (Min. 50 KW)? 200 - 750 or Higher 1 4W
Charge de Move (CHAdeMO) (Min. 50 KW) 200 - 500 or Higher 1 4W
Type - 2 AC (Min. 22 KW) 380 - 415 1 4W, 3W, 2W
SLOW / MODERATE Bharat DC - 001 (15 KW) 48 1 4W, 3W, 2W
Bharat DC - 001 (15 KW) 72 or Higher 1 4W
Bharat AC - 001 (10 KW) 230 1 4W, 3W, 2W

  1. The kiosk / board may have options for installation of additional chargers if required.
  2. The Public Charging Station Providers are free to create Charging Hubs and to install additional number of kiosk / Chargers in additional to the minimum number of chargers prescribed above.
  3. Tie up with at least one online Network Service Providers (NSPs) to enable advance remote / online booking of charging slots by EV owners. Such online information to EV owners should also include information regarding location, type and numbers of chargers installed / available etc.
  4. Share charging station data with appropriate DISCOM and to maintain appropriate protocols as prescribed by such DISCOM for this purpose. CEA shall have access to this database.
  5. Appropriate public amenities.
  6. Where, in addition to the above, fast charging facility is also planned to be provided at the PCS by the PCI provider, the following additional infrastructure must be provided:
  1. Appropriate Liquid Cooled cables if High Speed Charging Facility for onboard charging of Fluid Cooled Batteries (FCBs) is also planned.
  2. Appropriate Climate Control Equipment for Fast Charging of Batteries to be used for swapping (i.e. not onboard).

       4. Inspection & Clearance

  1. De – licensed activity.
  2. PCS can apply for connectivity and DISCOM shall provide on priority.
  3. Installation of equipment & civil work.
    1. Inspection & clearance by suitable clearance certificate from Electrical Inspector / Technical Person designated by DISCOM (to be empaneled).
    2. EVSE to be type tested by an appropriated reputed authority.

       5. Vulnerable Location Parameters

  1. 01 PCS Charging Station in 3 km x 3 km.
  2. 01 PCS at every 25 km on both sides of Highways / Roads.
  3. 01 FCS at every 100 km on each side of Highway, within city limit.
  4. FCS at Transport Nagar, Bus Depot.
  5. Swapping facility not mandatory in city limits.
  6. PCS, in compliance with safety norms including firewalls etc. can be setup at ROs of OMCs. COCOs to be given preference.
  7. EVCS for commercial purpose, available to any individual without any restrictions i.e at Municipal Parking lots, Petrol Stations, Streets, Malls, Market Complexes etc.
  8. EVCS for non-commercial use within State / Center premises i.e at State / Central Govt. Office Complex, Govt. Hospital, Dispensaries, Educational Institutes or any other Public Office for non-commercial use. (for Charging of Govt / Institutional vehicles)
  9. EVCS for commercial or non-commercial use within semi-restricted premises i.e Taxi Stands, Group Housing Societies, Malls etc.

  • The cost of swap station is considered to be borne by the swap station technology proprietor. PCS provides space for a swap station in return of margin on sale of electricity.
  • Land lease rental is assumed to be low as per Delhi EV policy guidelines on providing land at bare minimum lease rentals to charging infrastructure providers.

Revenue projection from the PCS business is calculated in the table based on the following assumptions:

  1. 20 Hrs of charging operations for 30days / month
  2. Capacity Utilization Factor (CUF) of PCS setup considered at 15 % for year-1, 25% for year-2, 40% for year-3, 65% for year-4 and 85% for year-5 (optimistic scenario)
  3. Electricity tariff to the DISCOM is considered as ‘pass through’ to consumer
  4. A margin of Rs. 2.50 on electricity tariff is considered in Scenario – A
  5. A margin of Rs.3.00 in first & second year, Rs.2.50 in third & fourth year and Rs.2.00 from fifth year onwards is considered in Scenario – B
  6. EVSE Management Software fee considered @ 15% of net margin on electricity tariff

  • GATS SCS (Smart Charging Station) is an innovative concept, desired out of the push of Indian Govt. (GOI) to make country vehicular pollution free. GATS SCS uses IOT, Artifical Intelligence, Block Chain Technology, Standardisation of equipment and procedures, as the base for developing the Ecology with optimum utilization of resources as the key.
  • What we do;-
    Our associate company GATS Consulting India Pvt Limited (GCIPL) will perform the following task (on chargeable bases).

Service Categories i Typical Services
Site Identification & Preperation
  • Site Identification
  • Arranging Approvals, Clearances, Certification etc.
  • Identification and selection of equipment (charging equipment / control panel / transformer / cables etc.)
  • Assistance in installation / erection and commissioning (including civil works).
Raising Bank Loan
  • Preparing Feasibility Report.
  • Preparing Financial & Project Report for submission to Bank.

       GATS INDIA LIMITED will perform the following task:

Service Categories i Typical Services
  • Membership development
  • Membership management
  • Provision of membership cards
  • Monetization and revenue management
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Collection and storage of operational statistics for larger clients
Equipment repair & maintenance
  • Annual inspection of EVCS stations
  • Emergency and routine repairs
  • 24/7 monitoring of working order
Network administration & promotion (also called Transaction handling)
  • Collection of payments
  • Payment to DISCOM & Vendors
  • Payment to station owners
  • Advertising
  • Membership development
Cross-marketing and miscellaneous
  • Promotion of station owner services
  • Cross promotion of stations within the network
  • Other promotional activities
  • Provision to establish “Autopal e-Shoppe” providing sale of e-cycle; e-rickshaw; e-scooter; Conversion kits of cycle & 10”/12” scooter into hybrid model; Li-on batteries tyres / tubes; Insurance etc
  • Providing certified trained mechanic(s) for installation of conversion kits and repair / service of e-vehicles viz e-scooter and e-rickshaw etc.


EVCS Owner

  1. Our charging station is designed to be humanless.
  2. No burdens for payment collection and hence Zero Risk on Pilferage
  3. Auto mode payment to DISCOM - no threat of power dis-connection.


  1. SMS Alerts regarding charging & amount on plugging in the circuit.
  2. Auto debit of amount
  3. SMS Alert on total fuel charged and payment debited.
  4. Online booking of charging slots by EV Owner through App.


  1. Auto credit of due payment from any EVCS by GATS SCS into DISCOM Account.

GATS SCS is charging 15 % of total Margin Generated towards, which includes connectivity charges; payment gateway; server and storage fee; EVS Management software fee / CCTV Management fee / Branding Advertisement Maintenance (excluding dusting, swiping, moping)

Start now! Your big opportunity may be right where you are!


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