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To act as agents, managers, reconstructors, rehabilitators, recoverers of non- performing assets or other dues recoverable by any bank/ financial institution from any borrower, guarantor or other person.

To act as money changers, brokers, dealers, agents, buyers and sellers of all foreign exchange in the form of currencies, travellers’ cheques, cards (pre-paid, credit or debit), bonds, notes, instruments, papers, documents, subject to the approval of the Reserve Bank of India and other competent authorities, wherever necessary; to take positions, hold and trade on the movements of foreign currencies on behalf of customers or otherwise, to hold, operate and transact in foreign currencies and/or exchange by maintaining foreign currency bank accounts or otherwise, and to issue or act as agents for travellers’ cheques, cards (pre-paid, credit or debit), phone cards and all instruments in any currency, subject to all rules, regulations and approvals as may be necessary and to deal in documents related to import or export trade, payables or receivables or securities either within or outside India; to engage in the foreign exchange money changing business, money transfer services in foreign exchange, either in the form of foreign currency notes / coins or travellers’ cheques, cards (pre-paid, credit or debit) or any other negotiable instruments to or from India or abroad; to deal in currency or exchange options, swaps, futures, in foreign or Indian currencies in direct or derivative forms in India or abroad on the Company’s own behalf or on behalf of its clients; to manage, acquire, hold, exchange, dispose of monies, foreign exchange, investments, funds, pools relating to and/or emanating from India or elsewhere on its own behalf or on behalf of its clients, customers, dealers, brokers, agents, trusts, funds, Government or other bodies; to do the business of broking in exchange, currencies.

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